The MAMRAMIM LOAN AND NOTE MARKETPLACE is a highly specialized platform designed to provide note sellers in the financial sector with access to previously untapped liquidity markets for selling their Performing or Non-Performing notes. This includes entities such as the GSE, Warehouse Lines, Private Money Lenders, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, and anyone who holds or services secured mortgage notes.

Our platform allows these organizations to upload their mortgage notes to our marketplace as exclusive proposals, as well as marketing them on a singular flow basis. By utilizing our digitized, proprietary platform, note sellers can market their mortgage notes and liens to note buyers who compete for their exclusive proposals. This access to a wide variety of note buyers seeking note acquisition opportunities allows note sellers greater opportunities for profitability. Additionally, note buyers can proactively seek out ideal notes that match their investment criteria.


Warehouse Lines w/Inventory, GSE Entities, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Bankers, Family Offices, Private Lenders, and Others

  • Access to a marketplace of note buyers who will compete for your mortgage notes or liens
  • Market your mortgage notes in various performing or non-performing statuses, along with a risk rating (performing, deferred, delinquent, defaulted, collection, etc.)
  • An alternative Loss Mitigation tool for non-traditional note holders (ie Warehouse Lenders, Private Lenders, Lenders holding "scratch & dent", etc.)
  • Structure notes fractionally based on equity and cash flow
  • Ability to input bulk notes and market them "on flow" for increased profits
  • Your note or lien competes only with itself to obtain the best match with the best suitable note buyer
  • Anonymity in our matching and negotiating process protects all members against bias and circumvention in the acquisition process

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