MAMRAMIM's digitized platform is built on proprietary technology that assists note buyers of all sizes to match their investing criteria with real property note and lien proposals. When you bid your best terms on a mortgage note and/or lien being offered in the marketplace, you will be best positioned to win that exclusive proposal. As with all investments, each requires your own consideration and due diligence.


Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Bankers, Private Lenders, and Others

  • Access to a marketplace of mortgage notes and liens that are posted as exclusive proposals by professionals
  • Search for the best real property note and lien investments using custom filters to source acquisition opportunities that meet your investment criteria (i.e., performing, non-performing, deferred, delinquent, defaulted, collections, etc.)
  • Bid on individual mortgage notes and/or liens for the opportunity to obtain them on a "flow basis"
  • Direct and exclusive negotiations with the note and/or lien seller
  • Access key information to assist in making intelligent and well-informed decisions for best execution on a note and/or lien proposal
  • Deploy acquisition teams and track their progress on obtaining exclusive proposals
  • Scale up your acquisition activities with more control
  • Acquire exclusive proposals through a "one stop shop" marketplace
  • Anonymity in our matching and negotiating process protects all members against bias and circumvention in the acquisition process

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