MAMRAMIM is supplying the future of the mortgage loan, note, and debt supply-chain by modernizing principles that governed some of the first structured financial markets. "In the 12th century, mamramim served as promissory notes distinguished by their brevity and anonymity, facilitating the easy transfer of assets, which in turn permitted the orderly development of business. The mamramim thus fulfilled the functions later provided by banks." Over the centuries, as financial markets matured the process became more complex and fractured.

MAMRAMIM's digitized central marketplace is designed to restore brevity, anonymity, and profitability to the mortgage industry — through our proprietary platform that facilitates optimal mortgage loan acquisition, as well as mortgage note/lien posting and selling activities.

MAMRAMIM provides mortgage brokers with the best terms for their loans, while affording lenders numerous opportunities to win exclusive mortgage loan proposals at substantially lower acquisition costs. Note sellers get access to hundreds of note buyers competing for their mortgage notes/liens, and note buyers win by sourcing notes/liens matching their investing criteria.


To create a digitized mortgage marketplace that stabilizes and streamlines the supply-chain for the heavily fractured mortgage loan, note, and debt markets.


To empower brokers, lenders, note sellers and note buyers to best execute — with unprecedented speed and transparency — while establishing trust, and creating the surest, most secure means of embracing a digital transformation that will democratize, stabilize, and elevate the industry.


Through its forward-thinking approach, MAMRAMIM Loan & Note Marketplace redefines mortgage acquisition with instant execution, eliminating sluggish checkout systems for unparalleled efficiency. Powered by the proprietary MRAM credit system, MAMRAMIM introduces a new era in mortgage loan and note acquisition where every moment is optimized, offering seamless transactions and endless opportunities.


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We embrace and anticipate change, experiment with new practices, and shape the future of business-to-business debt markets.


We bring innovation, energy, and vitality to our work and restore a sense of pride and trust to the mortgage loan and note markets.


We provide our community of brokers, lenders, note sellers and note buyers with the highest-quality marketplace experience.


We encourage our community members to rethink their approach to the mortgage markets by expanding their perspective on digital transformation, such as blockchain technology.


We listen to and involve the business-to-business mortgage and note community in shaping the future of our industry and its impact on the communities in which we live, work, and thrive.


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